Everybody has experienced the Monday Blues at some point in their lives, BUT here are my tips to banish those Monday Blues




  1.  TAKE A HOT BATHNothing will feel better than to shh your troubles and blues with hot water, scented candles and quiet music. Trust me, this one works a treat

  2. HAVE A MINI PAMPER SESSION~ Throw on a face-mask, and providing your obligations for the next day, either school or work allow it, find something therapeutic to do such as painting your nails. You’ll end up spending some quality time relaxing and you’ll have something you’re proud of and like looking at at the end! 

  3.  GO TO BED EARLIER~ Try to get into bed at a reasonable hour, meaning you have to spend less time of Monday awake and also you won’t feel so groggy the next day! If this tip is also done on a Sunday night, then your Monday will already improve if you’re feeling rested.

  4. PLAN OUT YOUR TIME~ Plan out your time for Monday night! Try to get your homework or work done waaay before the night arises, meaning you have as much time to relax as possible and you can settle knowing that all your work is done!

  5. WATCH YOUR FAVOURITE FILM OR TV SHOW~ Nothing cheers me up like a good ol’ episode of FRIENDS, so find a show and watch contently, without thinking about anything else for that period of time.

  6. WEAR COMFY CLOTHING~ When I am at home, i’m never in anything but my pyjamas, so throw on your onesie or your pyjamas and make the most of lounging around. Being in your pyjamas makes everyone feel cosy and relaxed!


These tips won’t instantly make you love Mondays, but they sure make it a heck of a lot easier:)



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Good Luck!

love sh4nnon1 x 



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