Are we really living?

Today, many people ask themselves if they are really living.


This question can be approached in two ways. In a philosophical way, or in a way that is reflecting society’s views.


If we were to try to explain and answer the question of ‘Are we really living?’ in a philosophical way, we would never get anywhere due to differing opinions and views. Some say that we experience 7 minutes of our lives when we die, which seems to last forever, so the question asks if we are in this state of uncertainty right now. But, as with most things, you can never be sure.


My opinion sways more to society’s influence. Many young people today suffer from body issues and suffer from mental health issues such as depressions etc. Many people spend their lives existing and being alive, but are not actually living. Parents and adults scald us young people for spending time alone or spending time in our rooms because they think we are being lazy, or because we don’t want to talk to anyone, when in actual fact, some teenagers spend a lot of their time in their room because this is the only place that they feel whole. In the privacy of an insecure teenager’s room, there is no competition and there is no stimulus to make this person feel they are worthless. Many teenagers, and in fact all people do not live because they do not feel themselves to be worthy of it. And this is something that needs to be changed. Body image scares are forever growing in the media, pushing our young generations further and further into a downward spiral of self hatred. We as a society do not acknowledge these things because we do not want to deal with the problems that will arise when this self hatred problem is tackled, because they know that more problems will surface. 


We cannot change everything about ourselves, but we can change the amount of belief we have in ourselves


“Believing you can do something means that you’re already half way there’



sh4nnon1 x


One thought on “Are we really living?

  1. This is really good! A very mature approach to life, makes me question myself a whole lot more!!! Seriously, keep this up, its awesome and really interesting and griping to read! Love ya :* xx

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