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Sorry I have been away for so long, life has been getting away from me.

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Hope you’re all having a lovely summer so far!

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Its crazy really, because life does change incredibly quickly. But as i have grown up this year i have definitely come to terms that life really does move on, and even though at the time, changes seem awful and unwanted, they really do make a difference, and with every change and difference that occurs in our life, something happens in our favour, and as hard as it seems at the time, we, as human beings eventually deal with hardships.

My life has changed this year and it has honestly been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I don’t for a minute wish to suggest that my life before this year wasn’t enjoyable because it was. This year has been a year of growing up for me.

I would like to consider myself to be a sensitive and caring person, but i have always put other peoples feelings before my own. it seems to be something that is hard-wired into my brain that i need to care about others before i care about myself.

But, i am also very tough-skinned, and things rarely bother me which is why i think that for various reasons in the past, many of the shifts in responsibility have come crashing down on me. I had always told myself that crying was a sign of weakness and that i shouldn’t ever let my guard down, and that telling people about my problems was silly because in reality, nobody was actually bothered. In my year, i have got better at sharing my feelings with people i have truly learnt to trust, especially within the last 6 months. I’m still not perfect at sharing my problems and feelings with other people but i’m getting better, and for the first time in what must be a good year and a half, i cried at a problem that i was dealing with. At the time crying felt like a release, but i still regret my actions, which just enforces further that my brain is still wired in the same way.

There have been some very special people enter my life this year, who i will not mention by name, but they know who they are. One girl, who i now consider to be one of my best friends came into my life in September, and since then it has felt like i have known her for my entire life and i have never been more thankful to have her in my life. She is honestly one of the most innocent, naive, sweetest most celebrity obsessed girl i’ve ever met, but i would’t change her for anything. She taught me this year to just have fun and to not think too deeply and it has benefited me greatly.

Two very special people entered my life shortly after, one who i shall name Beyonce(;)) and the other i shall name Twin. These two people taught me what it is like to have people support you continually even when you feel like you do not need any support. I have always had support in my life from my best friend since year 7 but, unfortunately, we do not see so much of each other anymore, but our friendship is still as strong as ever. I have never been so proud of Bey in my entire life, because i frequently smile because i feel so privileged to know her and i know that she will stay in my life for a very long time.

Twin, however is my spirit animal, and after knowing her for a very short amount of time has become incredibly important in my life. We have a very close friendship that i hope never fades and i know that she has my back and i have hers.

In brief, i am so thankful for the people that continue to support me. A close friend of mine, who shall be named swimmer, has been a continual laughing station, with the most contagious laugh in the entire world, but as much as we laugh together, i would trust her with my life 600 times over and she is one of the kindest people i have ever met.

I have so many people that i am grateful for, All my girls, yes, every single one of you, Obsessed Fan, Bey, Twin, Swimmer, idgafqueen, MummyR, Dancer, Giantess, Football Girl, Youtuber, Little Piglet, Driver. They have been the most perfect friends. I also am very thankful for my twins, for being a continual support and help for the last year. I love my twins so dearly and they never fail to make me smile, and i appreciate them so much<3

Life does change, and now i truly feel like i am growing into my life and i know that changes will occur, and from now on, i’m only moving forward.

Are we really living?

Today, many people ask themselves if they are really living.


This question can be approached in two ways. In a philosophical way, or in a way that is reflecting society’s views.


If we were to try to explain and answer the question of ‘Are we really living?’ in a philosophical way, we would never get anywhere due to differing opinions and views. Some say that we experience 7 minutes of our lives when we die, which seems to last forever, so the question asks if we are in this state of uncertainty right now. But, as with most things, you can never be sure.


My opinion sways more to society’s influence. Many young people today suffer from body issues and suffer from mental health issues such as depressions etc. Many people spend their lives existing and being alive, but are not actually living. Parents and adults scald us young people for spending time alone or spending time in our rooms because they think we are being lazy, or because we don’t want to talk to anyone, when in actual fact, some teenagers spend a lot of their time in their room because this is the only place that they feel whole. In the privacy of an insecure teenager’s room, there is no competition and there is no stimulus to make this person feel they are worthless. Many teenagers, and in fact all people do not live because they do not feel themselves to be worthy of it. And this is something that needs to be changed. Body image scares are forever growing in the media, pushing our young generations further and further into a downward spiral of self hatred. We as a society do not acknowledge these things because we do not want to deal with the problems that will arise when this self hatred problem is tackled, because they know that more problems will surface. 


We cannot change everything about ourselves, but we can change the amount of belief we have in ourselves


“Believing you can do something means that you’re already half way there’



sh4nnon1 x


Everybody has experienced the Monday Blues at some point in their lives, BUT here are my tips to banish those Monday Blues




  1.  TAKE A HOT BATHNothing will feel better than to shh your troubles and blues with hot water, scented candles and quiet music. Trust me, this one works a treat

  2. HAVE A MINI PAMPER SESSION~ Throw on a face-mask, and providing your obligations for the next day, either school or work allow it, find something therapeutic to do such as painting your nails. You’ll end up spending some quality time relaxing and you’ll have something you’re proud of and like looking at at the end! 

  3.  GO TO BED EARLIER~ Try to get into bed at a reasonable hour, meaning you have to spend less time of Monday awake and also you won’t feel so groggy the next day! If this tip is also done on a Sunday night, then your Monday will already improve if you’re feeling rested.

  4. PLAN OUT YOUR TIME~ Plan out your time for Monday night! Try to get your homework or work done waaay before the night arises, meaning you have as much time to relax as possible and you can settle knowing that all your work is done!

  5. WATCH YOUR FAVOURITE FILM OR TV SHOW~ Nothing cheers me up like a good ol’ episode of FRIENDS, so find a show and watch contently, without thinking about anything else for that period of time.

  6. WEAR COMFY CLOTHING~ When I am at home, i’m never in anything but my pyjamas, so throw on your onesie or your pyjamas and make the most of lounging around. Being in your pyjamas makes everyone feel cosy and relaxed!


These tips won’t instantly make you love Mondays, but they sure make it a heck of a lot easier:)



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Good Luck!

love sh4nnon1 x 


Do we, members of society actually understand society’s values?

That is the question. Do we actually understand?


For many people, including myself, people of society today seek and strive to be the epitome of a member of society. Someone who has perfect hair, perfect teeth, a perfect figure, a perfect bone structure. This. This is what members of society today describe as perfect.These kind of people are described as beautiful. What society doesn’t understand is that by sending out the message to one individual that have these features, another message is sent out to 100 girls and boys telling them that ‘they aren’t good enough’. 


We spend many hours of our lives on social media websites, constantly comparing ourselves to images and striving to obtain a ‘fuller lip’ or a ‘thigh gap’ in some cynical way that maybe if we had these things, then maybe our lives would be better. Many people question their true essence and body image because of the social norms that society force upon us. In recent years, images of celebrities that are so photo shopped you can’t even see anything real cause people every year to starve themselves or undergo major surgery to look like someone else. So many ‘inspirational quotes’ went round the social media network,effectively trying to boycott social expectations. But, to this day, people still seek the approval of others. We are spending our time blaming society for not allowing people to express themselves, when in fact, the ones complaining and blaming are those who make up society. To this day, most people cannot stand out from a crowd in fear of rejection, exclusion and hatred. This behaviour is evolutionary. Pack animals would not survive if they stood alone, and we are still like it now. The reason we do not break away from society  isn’t because we do not care for change in the world. We do not break away from society because it means sacrificing survival, and it displays the selfish side in everyone. Everyone fears being alone, and so we avoid it at all costs.


As a very confident individual, i strive to be happy in my life, and yet, i still cannot shout or scream in a public place if i have achieved a life goal. According to society, i am also not allowed to be sad, or to feel pain, because this is, according to society, because i want attention.


What people of today do not realise, is that we cannot wait for society to change. We must change it.